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October 04, 2015

We provide assistance and advice to help adult caregivers negotiate the twists and turns of today's confusing and fragmented healthcare system. Whether you're in a crisis with a loved one or interested in preparing a plan for your aging parents, we are there for you. Our team of experienced eldercare consultants will meet with you to evaluate your needs and deliver a wide range of services, everything from caregiving assessments to facility placements and more.

Our team of experienced geriatric nurses, social workers and eldercare professionals provide a wide array of clinical and care management services designed to support elders in their home or those already living in nursing homes and assisted living facilities. We also work with long distance family caregivers, elderlaw attorneys, state protective services agencies and others to deliver similar services on behalf of their loved ones or clients.
We offer comprehensive services to assist our clients with the many confusing issues around Medicaid eligibility and benefits. We have been working with Medicaid for almost 35 years and we understand how the system works and what it takes to gain Medicaid approval as quickly as possible. Our team of Medicaid experts can assist with the preparation of a Medicaid application. Click the red link in the blue area below to go directly to the Medicaid Intake Form.
Medicaid Intake Form

Download the ParentCareUSA PDF Medicaid Intake Form that you may complete on your computer and then submit to ParentCareUSA. Click below for the form and further instructions.
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